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ELS 3.3 Inline Selective Soldering System

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The Inertec ELS 3.3 Inline is the best solution for flexible production with a high level of product mix.

The ELS 3.3 soldering system has been designed for the production mix of small and medium series. The easy-toprogram miniwaves with wettable and contraflow nozzles enable any subas – sembly to be processed using optimized parameters. The soldering module is equipped with an axis-controlled flux system and a multi-stage glass ceramic pre-heating system specially developed for subas – sembly production.

The ELS 3.3 soldering system is designed as a soldering centre for inline operation with a connection to external transport systems. For special applications, the soldering unit can be expanded so that the crucible can take up to 4 waves in parallel. Thanks to the solid construction of the soldering unit and the professional X-Y-Z axes system with servo drives, high piece weights can be processed. It is therefore possible to integrate this in the alignment and hold-down functions of the gripper. Thanks to the inline design of the indivdiual components, fluxing, pre-heating and soldering, 3 pallets can be processed in the system and the processes managed separately from each other in a cycle-neutral manner. A pin chain transport is installed above the fluxer and the pre-heating system for this purpose. A 40-mm soldering wave can be used for soldering work on small subassemblies.

The ELS 3.3 Inline is the ideal solution if you require flexibility and throughput. Its intelligent soldering modules make it unnecessary to change nozzles or you can use several soldering nozzles in parallel. It can also operate with 2 solder crucibles containing different solders simultaneously – you can even use a full wave. The ELS 3.3 therefore sets new standards in terms of flexibility and throughput. Increased quality demands in the automotive sector call for a qualified soldering process, with the respective process controls and batch traceability – an evident advantage of this automated solution. The ELS 3.3 is perfectly prepared – with its diverse traceability concepts from simple barcode detection through to complex main computer connection.

Technical specifications:
Machine type: ELS 3.3 Inline
Dimensions L x W x H: 3150 x 1100 x 1800 mm
Weight: approx. 1000 kg without solder
Principle of function: Miniwave (max. 4)
Processible formats: max. LP 460 x 460 mm or WT
Fluxer: X/Y Microdrop, spray fluxer
Pre-heating: IR, top heating optional
Soldering wave: 3 - 40 mm as standard
Solder bath: 40 – 50 kg, max. 350°C, coated in high-grade steel
Nitrogen consumption: 0.2 – 6 m3/h
Nitrogen pre-heating: Up to 250°C
• 2 solder crucibles
• Quick-change crucible
• Full wave module
• N2 pre-heating up to 250°C
• Several miniwave modules (parallel operation or additional tools)
• N2 monitoring as process control
• High-performance IR bottom heating
• High-performance IR top heating
• Process monitoring camera in realtime
• Position correction (Fiducial module)
• Warpage correction to prevent deflections
• Barcode reader for selecting programs with process parameters
• Integration of a workplace as a loading shuttle
• Traceability concept available