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Sealed Hamamatsu X-Ray Source 90KV

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The Hamamatsu Microfocus X-ray sources were developed specifically for X-ray non-destructive inspection. These X-ray sources use an X-ray tube with a small focal spot of several micro-meters to 10 micro-meters, capable of producing a clear X-ray image even at a high magnification. The RS-232C interface is provided as a standard feature, allowing automatic operation by external control.

The X-ray tube has an air-cooled and hermetically sealed structure, and is integrated with its high voltage power supply for easy handling. (High voltage cables are not required.)

Working Principle


BGA , CSP , Flip Chip, LED , Fuse, Diode, Sensors, PCB Voids

Semiconductor , Battery Industry , Small Metal Casting, Electronics Cables and Connectors, 3D Printing Module, Medical Device and Parts.

Voltage and Current Range

Dimention Outline

Hamamatsu X-Ray Source Features:

  • Focal Spot Size: 5 μm, enables sharp and clear X-ray images even at a high magnification
  • Easy Handling: fully operable from an external PC
  • One package of a sealed type X-ray tube, a high-voltage power supply and a control function
ParameterDescription / ValueUnit
Input Voltage (DC)24V
Power Consumption (Max.)96W
Operating Ambient Temperature+10 to +40
Storage Temperature0 to +50
Operating and Storage HumidityBelow 85 (No Condensation)%
WeightApprox. 9kg
Conformance StandardsCE (EMC: IEC 61326-1, Group1, Class A)
High Voltage Power SupplyBuilt-in
ParameterDescription / ValueUnit
X-ray TubeSealed Type
X-ray Tube Cooling MethodConvection Cooling
X-ray Tube Window Material / ThicknessBeryllium / 150μm
Target MaterialTungsten
Tube Voltage Operational Range40 to 90kV
Tube Current Operational Range 110 to 200 (8 W Max.)μA
Maximum Output8W
X-ray Focal Spot Size7 (5 μm at 4 W)μm
X-ray Beam Angle (Coned)30degrees
Focus to Object Distance (FOD)11mm
FunctionTube Voltage and Tube Current Preset / Auto Warm-up
External ControlRS-232C
Applicable OSWindows® 2000 Professional, XP Professional
Computer Operating ConditionsCPU: Intel Pentium or Higher, Memory: 64 MB or More
90KV Microfocus X-Ray Source
110KV Microfocus X-Ray Source
130KV Microfocus X-Ray Source