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Rayence Flat Panel Detector 1215A

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Rayence’s TFT based detectors have superior diagnostic imaging capabilities with a high grey scale range. Also, the TFT detectors are reliable and durable with quick integration through user friendly design. Rayence has built the world’s first full line-up of dental, medical, veterinary, and industrial X-ray detector products. Also, Rayence is the only company in Korea that has the techniques for designing CMOS Wafer, developing flat panel detectors (TFT), and using the core technology of scintillator, which is used for radiation detection.


High resolution (49.5 μm) at large area sensor for industrial

Rayence 0505A Features:

  • High resolution (49.5 ㎛)
  • No Image Lag
  • 14-bit Digital Outliut
  • Fast readout without data loss
ScintillatorCsI : TI / Gd₂O₂S:Tb
Active Area116.4 x 145.7 mm
Pixel Pitch49.5 ㎛
Limiting Resolution10 lp/mm
A/D Conversion14 bits
Frame Rate10 (1x1) / 35 (2x2) fps
InterfaceGigE or Camera Link (option)
Energy Range~225 kVp
Dimension(W × L × H)240 x 160 x 33 mm
Weight2.7 kg (5.95 lbs Can be changeable by option)