Project Description

Selective Soldering System CUBE-460

The CUBE-460 entry-level soldering system is designed as a production cell for small and medium batch sizes. With the loading shuttle, it is possible to perform THT assembly directly on the machine, at the same time as significantly improving quality when compared to manual soldering. The capability of setting the soldering angle to 0° and 7° with program control makes it possible to use various soldering nozzles under optimum conditions for each one.

The simplified graphical pro- gramming gives you a quick entry into selective soldering technology. Benefit from the professional functions and proven technology available in the larger systems, such as process monitoring or bus-capable DC servomotors. Circuit boards or components up to 460 x 460 mm, with or without lead content, are processed with quick-change, flexible soldering nozzles. In the design, particular attention has been paid to simple setup and maintenance, through good accessibility.

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High-reliability electronic products require high-performance selective wave soldering. CUBE460 of INERTEC Germany provides industry-leading soldering solutions. The whole equipment includes flux spraying (point spraying, fog spraying can be selected), preheating zone (infrared, hot air), double wave soldering, modular design equipment. To solve the problem of welding speed, users can also add more welding modules to existing equipment in the future. Besides, INERTEC has a wide variety of unique design of soldering tin nozzles, which can ensure the welding effect and the long service life can effectively reduce the use of your consumables. CUBE460 can even be upgraded to wave soldering equipment by replacing the welding module, which ensures the flexibility of equipment investment.

CUBE-460 Main Feature

  • Double Wave Peak Welding
  • Modular design
  • Extra-long service life/life length/operational life span
  • Multiple welding modules can be added
  • Small footprint, easy to use and operate.
  • Flux spray or MicroDrop spray or a combination of both
  • Powerful with path optimization
  • Easy to change nozzles for flexibility
  • Long-term proven and reliable design
  • Process control guarantees maximum reliability
  • Fixed welding angle to ensure the best welding effect
  • Simple and effective program creation via photo import or Gerber files
  • Accurate positioning of servo motor
  • Easy to maintenance
  • Optional process monitoring camera efficient preheating system
  • Top heating
  • Traceability solution
Machine Specification
Dimensions without shuttleL 1430 mm; W 1550 mm; H 1250 mm (57“ x 61“ x50“)
Dimensions with shuttleL 2000 mm; W 1550 mm; H 1250 mm (79“ x 61“ x 50“)
WeightCa 800 kg
ColourRAL7035; RAL7021
Exhaust openingØ150 mm (6“)
Extraction rate400m³/h
Power requirements3x32 A; 3x400V; 50 Hz;6KW
System control
Control conceptPC; Beckhoff PLC
InterfaceEthernet, USB
PCPC; Flat screen monitor; keyboard; mouse
Offline softwareOffline software for easy programming
Axis typeXY-Portal; Z-axis lift
CameraCamera with cross hair for online programming
Axis movementCombination of toothed belts and ball screw
Drive conceptDC Servo motors with encoders; CAN-BUS
Repeatability±0,15 mm (±0,006“)
Board size
Dimensions min/max20x20 mm / 460x460 mm (0,8“x0,8“ / 18“x18)
Soldering angle0° oder 7°
Bottom side clearance30 mm (1,2“)
Top side clearance150 mm (6“)
CarrierUniversal Carrier, Special fixtures available, downholder
Flux System
Fluxer typeMicro Drop
FluxAlcohol based with 5% solids recommended
Flux container3 litre pressurised pot with level indicator
TypeQuartz Rods
Powerapprox. 4 KW
Top side preheatBuilt into the gripper
Solder Pot
Solder pot (small size)Solder volume Lead free (21 Kg) / Tin Lead (24 Kg)
Solder pot (big size)Solder volume Lead free (45 Kg) / Tin Lead (50 Kg)
Solder pot with a wave module = 200mmSolder volume Lead free (58 Kg) / Tin Lead (66 Kg)
Additional mini wave moduleEnables the use of a different alloy
Module liftingFor soldering with different nozzles
Additional solder nozzlesDifferent sizes are available Ø4 mm – Ø23 mm (0,15“ – 0,9“)
Wetted (multi directional) nozzleDifferent sizes are available Ø2 mm – Ø8 mm (0,08“ – 0,3“)
Warm up timeCirca 90 minutes
Solder temperatureMaximum 330°C
Solder temperature controlsolder aggregate
Solder wave height controlProgramm controlled
Solder wire feederMotor driven up to 2mm (0,08“) , solder wire max 5 kg
Nitrogen inertedNitrogen quality, 5.0 is recommended, pressure 10 bar
Nitrogen consumptionDepending on User soldering nozzle 1-3 m3/ hr
Process CameraCamera „real time“ to view the soldering process
TrolleyFor the exchange of the soldering aggregates
Electro-dynamic solder pumpAlternative to standard rotarydrive pump
Wave module - 200mmOption for a 200mm wide solder wave module