Project Description

XC-01 X-Ray Component Counter System

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XC-01 is one of our most advanced x-ray component counter systems, it can provide fast and accurate component counting and help to make a better inventory control, which saves your time and labor cost in component counting.

Working Principle


Automaticlly counting resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystals, LED, diodes, transistors, and other multi-pin IC

Sample Image

XC-01 X-Ray Component Counter System Features:

  • America closed type X-ray tube, long lifetime, maintenance-free
  • Support 7-17″(430mm) reels, loose or tightly wound components scanning
  • Automatic counting components on reels, belts, sealed ESD bags and in JEDEC trays with deep learning algorithm
  • Ultrafast counting, up to 7 seconds/reel
  • One-click counting operation, easy-to-use
  • Built-in component library, counting accuracy over 99.9%
  • Can be embedded into all major ERP/MES systems
  • Barcode scanner and label printer support
X-ray sourceBrandAmerica VJ
TypeClosed, microfocus
Max tube voltage90kV
Max tube current200μA
Focal spot size30μm
Flat panel detectorBrandShanghai IRay
Effective area427mm*427mm
Pixel size139μm
Reel/tray countingMax size17” (430mm)
Max thickness85mm
Min parts size1005
EquipmentDimensions1000mm (L) * 1300mm (W) * 1920mm (H)
Power supplyAC110-220V 50/60HZ
Max power1500W
Industrial PCI7-6700 CPU, 8G RAM, 240GB SSD
Displayer24” HDMI LCD
Other functionsBarcode scanningEquip with scanner for barcode and QR code.
Label printingPrint material code and quantity automatically after counting.
Management system connectionMES, ERP etc.
SafetyRadiation leakageNo leakage, international standard: ≤1μSv/h.
Back door safety interlockOnce users open the back door, X-ray tube will power off immediately. When the back door is open, users can’t turn on the X-ray.
Tray collision protectionThere are steel plates protect the tray from collision when it comes out.
Anti-pinch safety light curtainOnce the hand enters the movement range of the tray, the safety light curtain will be triggered, the tray will stop immediately, and the software will pop up a prompt at the same time. Users can continue only the hand leaves and click confirm on the prompt.
Emergency stopIn front of the operation position, press to power off.

X-Ray Counter Performance

Reel sizeParts sizeAccuracyRepeat AccuracySpeed
7” (180mm)100599.80%99.99%7-10s
7” (180mm)20199.90%99.99%7-10s
7” (180mm)40299.90%99.99%7-10s
7” (180mm)60399.90%99.99%7-10s
10” (254mm)120699.90%99.99%7-10s
15” (380mm)120699.90%99.99%8-10s

All X-ray machines manufactured by Wellman meet the requirement of FDA-CDRH Regulation CFR 21 1020.40 Subchapter J for cabinet x-ray systems. The FDA – CDRH standard for cabinet x-ray systems states that radiation emission shall not more than. 5millirem a /hr.2″from any external surface. Our machines (X-Ray Radiation Level <1μSv/h)  are typically 5-10 times less emission than the international standards, so there are no radiation concerns for operators.

Operation Safety 
Radiation LeakageNo leakage, international standard: ≤1μSv/h
Lead Glass Observation WindowTransparent lead glass window to shields radiation, safe to observe the inner status.
Window and Back Door Safety InterlockOnce open the window or back door, the X-ray tube will power off immediately. When the window or back door is open, the operator cannot turn on the X-ray.
Electromagnetic Safety SwitchOnce the X-ray is on, the window will automatically lock, so the operator can't open the window.